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About Us


Our Background

Thailand has been extremely famous in Plastic surgery for decades. One thing that Thai people don’t know is that many foreigners believe in our Thai surgeons and decide to come to Thailand for their surgery. For more than 10 years in this journey, Doctor Pornthep has had an uncountable number of surgeries with people from all around the world especially, Australian and New Zealander. Because of his reputation of neatly scar and great result. Doctor Pornthep experts in Both Breast and Body correction. Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, including Male Breast Reduction and Mastectomy. Also, Tummy Tuck, Belt Lipectomy, Liposuction, Arms and Thighs Lift. Most of his patients are Mommy whose body has changed after pregnancy or massive weight loss. So we called it Mummy Makeover which means to correct both Breast and Body.

With the numerous number of patients, Doctor Pornthep is no longer able to perform all advance booking surgeries by himself. He starts teaching his team with his unique technique and maintains his standard to support all of his patients. The reputation Doctor Pornthep and his team has gained during the past few years with foreign patients, they start to realize that there are a lot of Thais that would love to have their plastic surgery with the same standard with foreign patients. Doctor Pornthep and his team would love to share their experience to Thai people as well and let everyone know that our BeContour has an accurate and experienced team who provides quality, standard, and safety to everyone.

Our Vision

Massive weight loss or pregnancy are the main cause of body changes. Body, Breasts, Arms, or Legs can totally change in the blink of an eye. Sagging breasts, stretch masks, and excess skin all over the body can cause depression, lack of confidence, or even have some symptoms such as backache, rash, and shoulder pain. These could affect their normal life. But we can help you, we can gain your confidence back with our surgery. Breast Lift and Augmentation or Breast Reduction can change the shape of breasts back to normal or even better. We can help to get rid of excess skin at the tummy, arms, and legs or Liposuction to get rid of ramian fat. We can promise that we perform all surgeries under the vision that you will have surgery with all safety and standard for the Best Breast and Body.

Why Hospital?

Many people may question why we choose to perform surgery in the hospital. To perform surgery in the clinic has advantages as well such as cheaper, easier, and quicker. However, our principles are safety and standard. The reason we choose hospital rather than clinic is the quality of the nurse, customer services, ready to use all equipment and standard of theatre, and the specialists in the hospital 24 hours. In the meantime, we also want privacy for our patients. So we choose Samitivej Chinatown Hospital and Phyathai 2 Hospital as our main hospital. There is no doubt about their reputation. It tops lists of the best hospitals in Thailand. The feedback of our foreign patients is always good and positive. So we confidently say that we always choose the best for you. Standards and safety are the most important for you.

How to prepare before visit the surgeon?

Based on the individual liking which some prefers sweet, some prefers sour and some prefers spicy whereas anyone who also already has their wishes in mind likes or dislikes and the expectation eg; Small breast to the bigger breast, which already plans how bigs they are OR large breast to the smaller breast, which also plans how small they are or totally flatten. Because there are so many technicalities of the surgeries that is why we need to know the patient’s expectations first which one is suited. It is quite difficult to understand the level of their expectation so surgeons normally will prepare the illustration to reach their expectations. It does not mean that the surgery will 100% with the desired outcome as it depends on the body figure too. Surgeons will normally do their best to get closer to the desired outcome most. The most important thing of the consultation is the patient know what we plan for, what the technique is, how the result will be and how much of the risks and complications. Also how we prevent and how we treat after if does happen. Please no hesitate to question when you doubt because

“You are the most important part of the consultation”

Why is the Plastic Surgeon?

What is the protocol when we decide which surgeon is for us? Is that from their achievement, good review, safe, providing more before & after photos or cheapest in cost? There is a variety of standard basis. Some of us may doubt why sometimes we are called an Expertise, Specialist etc. In reality, plastic surgery is the subject line for study only for plastic surgery only. There are classes and it takes time to graduate in each operation training which gains lots of experiences from the lecturers who are experts more than 5 years in the medical school. This has led to learning how the surgeons take good care of the patient with the highest standard. In Thailand, we only have the plastic surgeon at 420 people which could search from ​www.thprs.org​.

However, it does not mean how expert they are but it still requires them to pass through plenties of surgeries, times and patients to gain their experience. The learning never ends and it is a lifetime. Our Becontour team has selected the numbers of experienced surgeons and agrees from the international standard especially in foreign patients who need the highest surgeries standard and best skills in surgeons BECAUSE our works are in your body and it assures us successfully.

Why our Team

The most important process of surgery is safety. We concern every steps of the process to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Firstly, the nurse will ask about the history of past surgeries, drug or food allergy, underlying disease, and medication. After that, pre-operative check-up is a must for everyone who will go under anesthesia. Blood test, chest x-ray, EKG, and evaluate all the results with Cardiologist or Medical doctor. If you have any underlying disease, specialist needs to approve as well. Moreover, anesthesiologist will take care of you during surgery. Not only a surgeon who will be taking care of you but all our team do because your safety is our number one priority.

BeContour Team

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